F2MKE – Future2 : Mission Knowledge Economy – is a not for profit website that highlights and discusses the latest that the world of technology has to offer.  The focus is technology as an enabler in UK education, but much of the content is globally relevant and to business as well. Cloud Computing is the current technology trend and F2MKE looks at what is on offer from the desktop to the Cloud.  You will find essential tips to help you to put your head in the cloud with confidence.  F2MKE also updates you on technology standards such as Single Sign-on and data interoperability helping you to avoid supplier lock-in.

Every Cloud has a Silicon Lining

Cloud Computing


In this F2MKE blog series I explore cloud computing.  What is it?  What are the advantages versus risks?  What must businesses and schools check before putting their heads in the Cloud?  Does Cloud make sense in these times of austerity? Read more…




How Green is the Cloud?

Cloud Computing
I discuss the green credentials of Cloud Computing. An emerging wealth of evidence supports the argument that the flip-side of reducing our impact on our World’s resources – dependent upon how we approach ICT – is significant financial savings. Read more…




Building an infrastructure to support the Cloud

Cloud Infrastructure


You can find out about the technologies and standards that can help you achieve success in the Cloud by following this compilation of articles – particularly relevant to education. Read more…

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    I found your name while researching serverless schools (this is my vision). I am Deputy Head over the border in Suffolk and wondered if you fancied a chat if you were out this way?

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