A little more on Jolicloud…

So, I’ve been using Jolicloud on a USB stick for a couple of weeks now; I wouldn’t say in anger, but that’s mainly ‘cos I’m not an angry person. I’ve been using it primarily to demonstrate the concept of a slim web focussed OS that is totally portable. So far it runs up nicely on all 7 of the different desktops, laptops and Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPC) that I have tried. No driver probs to note thus far. I’m yet to have a go at setting to read only… I’m using Dropbox and ZumoDrive for online synchronised storage – also good so far. One massive boon is that Jolicloud fully synchronises your desktop with an identical online version; all web apps, favourites and other useful personal settings are also replicated. So, if I mislay my USB stick, or cant use it with a device, I can still work. The only things missing in the online version of my desktop are local drives and legacy apps – locally installed apps. But hey, this is just motivation to use online storage and web apps. The whole point!

Another yay for Jolicloud. Very keen to see where Chrome OS goes now.

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  • mads says:

    Hello, what I am wondering? If this is the land of educational freedom to imagine the future with knowing nothing of SIF! or Invisible ICT in Learning…. Please explain more 🙂

    I just wondered is there going to be something like an exercise book? Like if my private personal website was to be linked to a facebook school book, where only the teachers could ‘see’ my site remotely, online.?

    So my My Website could be where I do my homework and work in school – with a homework diary automatic update, deadlines and any links that may help me do my homework (from the teacher)!etc…

    Out of school no access would be obtainable from/to the school facebook network from my own website, or any other point, as it would be safer. But I could maybe still access my exercisebook and do my work on my website.

    My website – private at home n school.
    e.g. for homework, and school project work to be uploaded AT school.

    My exercise book/s – Access by all, edited by teacher/s..,of each subject.

    My School network book –
    Interact all areas with access to sources of info.
    eg social activities, counselling, news,art, plays music, sport etc..

    programs and new updates, from teacher/school network.

    I’d say it’ll have to be homework on my http://www.com as if copy cats copy, then it maybe easier to trace and prove who did their homework and who copied.

    Educational access points, for a teacher network and maybe having an IT headmaster overseeing it all?
    Could you explain more about SIF?

    Make any sense?

  • Michael says:

    Hi Mads!

    Thanks for the comment… I think I see where you are coming from..? In essence what you are talking about is what the education sector has tried to achieve with some success using learning platforms, or Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs). Wikipedia does an okay job of describing these at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_platform and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_learning_environment.

    I’ll do my best to get blogging about learning platforms, their success and potential future soon!

    Have a look at these posts on the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) and again, I’ll put it into the context of “invisible ICT” along with Shibboleth for Single Sign-on as soon as 😉



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