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My name is Michael Pickett and I have worked in the ICT industry since 1997.  I have a broad ICT knowledge having been lucky enough to have experience in both private and public sectors in roles ranging from service desk and engineer, to web developer and technical architect. I have managed teams including specialists and been responsible for delivering major projects, some of which impact upon approximately 130,000 end users. The main thrust of my current role is technical strategy working in the education sector.

Michael Pickett

Michael Pickett

The purpose of the F2MKE – Future2: Mission Knowledge Economy – website and supporting blog is to share my current experience and ideas about the delivery of “Invisible ICT in Learning”. Can ICT really become the 5th Utility (along with water, electricity, gas, and telephone)?  ICT can certainly transform learning and deliver great efficiencies. But it has to be industrial strength and sustainable. If the electricity or water supply fails at school then the likelihood is that the school will have to close until fixed. This is fast becoming the same in the event of a school’s ICT breakdown.

Quick Disclaimer 😉 The views and ideas published on this website are my own, or those of fellow bloggers and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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