Does desire drive destiny?

It is interesting to read that smart phones now grab a 25% share of the US mobile market – up 2% in the last quarter. The Nielsen Company predicts that sales will overtake traditional mobile phones by the end of 2011. This is fast paced change no doubt encouraged over the past few years by the media hyped iPhone and swell that is social networking.

Smart Phone Growth Q2 2010

This trend goes hand in hand with recent figures that show Facebook to dominate the lives of mobile internet users in the UK. In December 2009 about 16 million UK citizens accessed the internet from their mobile phones and nearly half of the traffic was to Facebook!

But surprisingly it is not Apples iPhone and iOS that is dominating the pack. Google’s Android OS is fast gaining market share ahead of Google’s own predictions.

“Google’s Android OS has shown the most significant expansion in market share among current subscribers. Android’s rise is even more noticeable among new smartphone subscribers in the last six months where Android has nosed past Apple’s iOS in the last quarter to grab a 27% share of those recent smartphone subscribers.” The Nielsen Company

But does desire drive destiny?

Despite Android’s apparent boom time, 90% of existing iPhone users and a significant 21% of Android users most desire an iPhone as their next device. It is difficult to draw any conclusions other than on price points. Apple’s marketing machine is arguably the strongest and the brand simply oozes iconic cool, ease and IT just works ( dodgy reception aside ;)).

But quite clearly, if the trends are anything to go by, in these fraught global economic times desire alone isn’t enough to sustain market dominance. HTC may well have pulled a clever marketing coup in calling their Android powered popular iPhone alternative the Desire?

Next desired smart phone OS

I don’t see the battle between the giants that are Google and Apple spelling the demise of the Blackberry just yet… Businesses that are serious about security and device management have little choice but to continue with Blackberry.

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