FAO suppliers at BETT 2011

I’m at BETT 2011 all of this week through ’til Saturday.  I’m particularly interested in hosted, or ‘cloud’, open standards solutions.

Are there any solutions providers out there who are interested in discussing access management using biometrics, RFID, etc., that can plug-in to a Shibboleth Single Sign-on (SSo) IdP and support the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF)?  My thinking is that door entry, access management, cashless and so on, could share the same biometric, RFID, etc., ‘token’ which could also be used for multifactor authentication in a Shibboleth environment…

Twitter @f2mke, email michael@f2mke.co.uk, or reply to this post if you are interested.

I’m also on the SIF stand at BETT INNPOD19 between 1PM and 2.30PM on Friday if you are interested in how SIF can work for you!?

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  • pferdy says:

    I can certainly work with you, Mike.

    Eurim and Socitm both have workstreams that should be able to contribute to the specification. I’d also like to think that the RBCs have a bit of clout to try and glue things together.

  • That would be great Leonard… I’m going to put a diagram together to illustrate my thinking as visual works better for me… Then it would be good to blog some ideas!

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