Google Apps integrated learning platform!

Well I guess that it was only a matter of time… But fresh into the Google Marketplace is Grockit…

In brief Grockit is a social platform for learning that provides students with collaborative real-time study rooms. There is content but this is aligned to US K-12 curriculum and college entrance exams.

Students with Google Apps can sign on to Grockit through their Google account to instantly join live online study groups with Grockit’s global community of students and expert instructors. Students’ Google Calendars will be synced with their Grockit study session schedule. Additionally, important documents will be automatically downloaded into their Google Docs.

There is an offer of free access until the end of 2010 but after this expect to see prices per user ramp up to a most likely unaffordable $99 per account :-S

It will be very interesting to see how this platform develops and whether or not there is an effort to get into the UK market…

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