iPhone 5 Release Date… Plus a Mini iPad

Reliable blog site http://app4phone.fr/ wrote an article on July 23rd stating with a degree of certainty that the new iPhone 5 could be on our shelves as early as September 21st 2012.

The information was allegedly leaked by a major Chinese Apple parts manufacturer who had been told to gear up for the September 21st full production date.  One noted change, as well as the anticipated 4″ screen, is that the iPhone 5 will have a revised and smaller dock connector.

Possibly less certain beyond rumour is that Apple will release a 7″ mini iPad at the same time as the iPhone 5.  The success of Google’s Nexus 7 has surprised the market and bucked the prediction of the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, that a tablet measuring smaller than 10″ would be a seller.  So the 7″ iPad could well be a market driven reality..?

Read more about it (and brush up on your French at the same time) by visiting http://app4phone.fr/article-53775/exclu-app4phone-date-de-sortie-et-informations-sur-liphone-5.

If your French isn’t so good and Google Translate doesn’t do it for you, then have a look at http://fwd.channel5.com/gadget-show/gadget-news/iphone-5-and-ipad-mini-prototypes-leaked.

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