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It was a bit of a leap of faith for me when switching from my reliable Blackberry Bold 9000, with its perfect little keyboard and reassuring security, to the iPhone 4. Much time was spent comparing the iPhone to the latest Bold and HTC Desire with its “get under the bonnet” Android OS. A few months in and I would never go back! In true Apple style the interface is incredibly intuitive and slick. The performance is brilliant. The screen is another level up from any other phone that I have seen or used. I’m spending about 40% of my computing and online time on the iPhone – something that I would never have thought feasible! See the “man bag” article to read more about this…

Anyway… I’ve started to explore the mega vault of apps that are available through iTunes (the Marmite of music, video and apps stores) and this post starts with a quick review of some of the free to cheap apps available.

Starting with photo editing apps that can really bring to life the great quality pics that the iPhone 4 is capable of taking!

ColorSplash costs $1.99 and is a great little app. Very simply ColorSplash allows you to load up an image, convert it to grayscale and then, using pinch pan and zoom and your finger, select the parts of the pic that you want in colour. Remarkably simple and really easy to use! Then you have a number of save or share options; straightforward save, email, copy to clipboard, upload to Facebook or Flickr and post to Twitter.

The following example took about 2 minutes and is shared on Flickr – and yes I will regret posting this one 😉

Next up is Mill Colour from UK based BAFTA and Oscar award winning visual effects company The Mill. This is a free app that in essence alows you to apply some great filters to your pics and play around with Lift, Gamma, Gain and Saturation.

Another example…

Colour Mill 2

Now for a little fun and free app called PuriPhoto which brings PuriKura photo booths, which iconify Japanese pop culture, to the iPhone. Again a very simple to use, possibly slightly girly app, that gives you a bit of “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World” photo editing fun!

Here’s a pretty mundane example but you get the idea 🙂

Colour Mill 1

Hipsatamatic was recommended to me by a reader… I’ve downloaded it and found myself going all analogue. It’s a serious app. The default films, lenses and flashes get you going, but there is always the temptaion to download more at about £0.59 a bundle. The app itself costs $1.99 and is worth every cent.

Output seems to be limited to 600×600 which is a shame – there may be an option to increase this though probably at a cost.

Here are some hip Old Skool snaps with old skool candy and classic Landy 😉

Hipstamatic and Fizz Wiz

And a modern classic…

Hipstamatic Land Rovers

Finally a not tremendously exciting but very practical and a free must have app is CropForFree which allows you to do just that. You can crop (and the guitar pic above is an example using this app) and rotate 90 degrees left or right. That’s it. Simple.

Apple’s iOS4.1 is out now and there is a very cool new functional addition that will help with your photo taking…

HDR, or High Dynamic Range, allows you to get perfectly exposed pictures by merging three snaps – one over exposed, one under exposed and one at correct exposure. When merged, you’ll see some pretty dramatic effects.

This is already available in more advanced photo editors such as Photoshop, but as an added extra to the iPhone’s camera it certainly takes the already much improved picture taking capability of the iPhone44 5 megapixel camera up a notch.

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