Live on YouTube

It’s official! YouTube is entering it’s next and possibly next best phase… Live streaming… YouTube coverage is easily everywhere; on our phones, on our games consoles and of course, on our computers.  So obviously the next step is to enter into world wide web that is live broadcasts.

YouTube Live

At the moment you have to be Google pre-approved – at the moment… So Pirate TV for the masses is, as yet, not a virtual reality. Your mobile device will have to wait too as there is no mobile functionality for YouTube streamers… Yet. All of these yets do make sense for Google, to see how the service might develop in a relatively controlled environment, to maintain a quality check and of course, to allow time for the momentum of the developing masses to come up with some interesting and killer app engaging ways of making this a must have service.

A cool touch is that you can click to add an upcoming live stream to your calendar.

Hey! Have a look 😉

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