Jolicloud Vs Google Chrome OS

I have been eagerly awaiting the Google Chrome Operating System Release Candidate since it was announced on the 7th July 2009.  Over a year on and where are we Google? There is talk that the OS will only be available to work with specific devices. This would be a real blow and kind of distracts from the device agnostic nirvana that I’m seeking…

So, I was very interested to stumble across Jolicloud – a ‘cloud’ OS that has been making waves – or letting the sunshine through – with what seems to be a direct competitor to Chrome OS.

On the face of it there seems to be very little to distinguish the two OS’. They are both optimised for web use and target the netbook or lower spec devices; low power, 10″ screens, moderate graphics, high portability, etc. Both OS’ are based upon Linux and thus wide open to the Open Source developer community. Continuing this story of ‘twin peeps’ further similarities are:

  • Both work with web apps;
  • Both get updates and bug fixes on boot;
  • File storage is mostly in the cloud;
  • Both are based around the web browser – in fact Jolicloud’s default browser is Google Chrome and it will have full Google WebStore app running functionality!

However, there is one clear advantage in that Jolicloud has a ready to go, easy to install, flash drive configuration! Will Chrome OS give us this independence?

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