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Gove announced at BETT 2012 that the Department for Education (DfE) is launching a consultation with a proposal to withdraw the existing National Curriculum programme of study for ICT.

Instead, teachers will be given the choice over what and how to teach.

So what will this really mean for our children of today and competitors for global jobs of tomorrow?  I absolutely agree that ICT as a subject should fast shift from lessons devoted to the frankly uninspiring teaching of spreadsheets and word processing (this should be embedded use of ICT across the curriculum anyway) and towards the exciting and essential skills that will tool up the Google and Facebook developers of the future – how else will we compete in a global knowledge economy?  But I fear that, given the choice of what ICT to teach and how to teach it, our children will be exposed to an education lottery. Now more than ever is not the time to devalue the need for brilliant ICT skills.

Hmmm… I’ve rather gone off on a tangent as I was going to talk about the brilliance that is http://www.codecademy.com/ – perfect for the classroom and the home.  Coding should start at primary school alongside the Times Table and Spellings 😉

Here’s what Michael Gove said at BETT 2012…

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