Searching Lazily

Lies, damned lies, and statistics. Lazy, or efficient? Whilst waiting for the hot water tank to fill ready for a lazy Sunday afternoon bath, I got sidetracked by some web statistics surfing. What has struck me is that the reliable Hitwise website’s stats for the top 10 UK searches consists of websites that we simply must have ingrained into our finger tapping memories!  Okay, with the exception of Argos maybe?  But hey, an obvious guess at can’t be beyond the overwhelming majority of us?  So why are we seemingly Googling the websites that we visit so (probably far too) often?

Hitwise Top 10 UK Searches for January 2011

So… I considered my own surfing habits.  And with the exception of our British love for all that appeals and encapsulates our many shopping needs – through catalogue, outlet store and online – Argos, I acknowledged that my preference for Google’s Chrome browser with its combined search or enter the proper web address feature could explain a few things..?  I’ve certainly become lazier as I just whack in the rough name of the website I want to visit – “bbc” instead of “”, or “fb” and not “”. Hey! I even shorthand f2mke 😉 Look a bit further and The Register reports this month that Google’s Chrome browser has a 10% UK market share.  So, is what’s trending in the non-Twitter sense of the expectation no longer quite what it seems?

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