SIF Association UK and the DfE to work closely together on interoperability!

The Department for Education (DfE) has released a joint statement with the SIF Association UK stating that they “have agreed to work closely together to take forward work on the interoperability of data in the UK education system.

This is great news that should see interoperability in the UK education space energized.

It is clear that SIF Association UK members need to demonstrate “stories” that show real life implementation benefits. Stories about how SIF has reduced burdens upon schools that can be directly translated into cash to spend. How SIF has made transactions across the system easier? Where efficiency gains have been made?  And with transparency high on the current government’s agenda, how SIF is an enabler for the publicising of data? For example to parents about how well a school is performing? It is also really important and increasingly so with the advent and propagation of Free Schools and Academies, that SIF as a facilitator of local choice and control is examined.

Finally, those with an interest in interoperability should really start to consider how SIF could be developed to serve a purpose wider than the schools space?

To view the statement on the Information Standards Board website go to and on the SIF Association UK’s website in PDF at

SchoolsICT has videos of Tim Wright’s presentation and QA session at

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