The joys of resilience – random post ;-)

The world of ICT increasingly incorporates the need for resilience, not least as we are now so reliant on it and determined to build confidence in teachers who can’t afford for it to go wrong in the classroom…  I have carried the resilience mantra into my personal life and with living in the sticks and needing a car for my work, decided that a spare car would be essential.  Well, that’s my excuse anyway 😉

So when I found myself with both cars off the road for the past 2 weeks, it focussed my mind upon disaster recovery.  We seem to reference DR a lot, but how many of us have real tried and tested DR plans in place?  On the transport front I had to just go with it… Rearrange my diary to work with public transport, do lots and lots of walking and put my persuasive social skills to work to get lifts and the occasional use of cars belonging to friends and family.

I managed.  I’m fitter for it.  I have a smaller carbon footprint.  And there were times when it felt quite liberating!

The real F2 MKE

The real F2 MKE is now back on the road and I have a tried and tested – albeit unanticipated and previously unplanned – disaster recovery plan in place.

Now it’s time to seriously consider DR in the workplace 🙂

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