We’re getting so impatient

The term Rat Race was originally coined in the 1930s – a dance to jazz music. It probably had nothing to do with the metaphor we use today which a quick Google suggests originated around the 1950s… Any advance on this is welcome.

But never has our need to keep up in this fast paced world been so great as today. I mean, the first thing I want to do when I boot up my computer is get on the internet and check my email, social networking sites and so on. Spare me the wait while all the unnecessary stuff chugs away loading up. I like a cup of tea to kick start my day, but seriously, my computer doesn’t need to wait while I make one!

Cup of Tea

And so, Michael Hart has made unofficial instant versions of Google Maps and Google Images to help satisfy our desire for instant everything; once our devices have finally booted up and found their way onto the internet that is. They are quick and get quicker still as the graphics cache on your device.

Have a look at Instant Images @ http://cdn.michaelhart.me/mh/instant_images/ and Instant Maps @ http://hartlabs.net/instant_maps/

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